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Siofok is a city in Hungary located on the southern banks of Lake Balaton. With so many things to do, Siofok is among the most popular destinations in the country and one renowned for its beaches, tourist spots, and nightlife.

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Lake Belaton is also known as the Hungarian Sea. It is a freshwater lake, the largest in Central Europe, with beaches that are open from May to October. Most of the beaches are grassy and contain amenities such as playgrounds, showers, sun beds, and lockers for rent. Siofok’s beaches are one of the main reasons for visiting the town, and the famous Gold and Silver beaches are among the most visited places along Lake Belaton’s shores. Further inland is the lovely channel of Sio, used to control the water level of the lake. The channel has an extensive history dating back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Water Activities
Lake Belaton is beautiful but not too deep, and it makes for a nice place to learn how to swim. Vendors along the shores also offer water activities ranging from kayaking to paddle boarding to surfing. There are many options for boat rides around the lake as well. The quickest trips take around 40 or 50 minutes, while the cheapest simply take you to the middle of the lake and back. While these trips provide beautiful views of the surrounding area, visitors may want to consider the longer trips to Tihany or Balatonfured. These longer boat rides provide visitors a chance to see even more of the surrounding shores, and it’s not unusual for ride operators to provide music and wine.

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While much of Siofok’s fame arises from its beaches, there are many popular cultural attractions that draw visitors to the city. The South Balaton Cultural Center is home to festivals, jazz music, and other seasonal celebrations. There are also a number of churches that reflect architectural styles from many eras. The Visitation of Our Lady Church is constructed in the Neo-Romanesque style, and the popular Lutheran Church boasts a unique design that includes its recognizable central tower, which reflects the concept of eternal life.    

Some tips for kids for fun in Siófok:

Szent Kristóf Archery Course

The Szent Kristóf Archery Course welcomes the fans of archery in well-managed environment, next to the Saint Christopher Restaurant. The 35-meter-long archery course with 7 spotting posts satisfies everybody's needs. It can be extended with large size arrow holders, 2D/3D targets. We recommend it for children and adults as well, who are about to learn archery or those who want to test their shills. The course is also suitable for enjoyable internal competitions. With the help from the animators anybody can learn the right way to practise archery. The course is suitable for the organisation of team buliding trainings, competitions for kindergarten or school groups, family events, and archery competitions. Besides archery you can also try morning start throwing and spear throwing. All guests can use the historical bows: Hungarian, Hun, Tatar, Turkish, Chinese, Sarmatian and Scythian.

You can see more information about the Szent Kristóf Archery Course, click here: 

Bella's Fun Park

The Bella's Fun Park is only 5 km away from the center of Siófok, in a pleasant environment, in the Bella's Fun Park, every day of the year are including weekends and public holidays. The bubble ball playing and the zorb ball playing are providing a fun experience program for all ages, finally the jumping booth for kids is a pleasant break.
More about Bella's Park:

Bella's Zoo Park

The Bella's animal park is only 5 km from the centre of Siófok, they are waiting for guests in a beautiful environment every day, so on weekends and feast-days. Taking a walk at the Zoo Park along with the colorful programs they offer, is a perfect pastime for any generation.
The information on their website will help yoz to plan your trip at their place: 

Boating on Balaton

If Lake Balaton, then Boating! Lake Balaton does not only mean summer, bathing, and partying. Lake Balaton is inseparably connected to boating, as well! On the waters of our national treasure, Lake Balaton, one can not only itilize runs from one settlement to another, but also choose and take advantage of several other boathing services and programmes that are available in the interest of making one's stay at Lake Balaton more memorable and exciting! Familiarize yourself with our various boating services and programmes, which are introduced, described, and can be found on our home page, or on home pages introducing the various individual boating possibilities in the search window entitled "Boating possibilities", which can help you to decide the most appropriate service offered by us for you.

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